WhatsApp update fights malware that infects devices with just a call – Video

[MUSIC] And finally if you use WhatsApp, you should update it immediately. The messaging service which is owned by Facebook has really good security features due to it’s encryption but it’s not impervious. There was A malware developed by an Israeli company called the NSL Group, which used it to install spyware on people’s devices through just the phone call. Which blows my mind, so basically all they had to do is call you on WhatsApp? yeah, and you didn’t have to pick it up either. You could reject it. You didn’t have to do anything and that call itself put the malware on there. Yeah, it was basically a no click or interaction needed type of malware. Right, right. And the Financial Times reported this first and that it was used on a UK human rights lawyer. Which always Good stuff going on when you’re targeting people fighting for human rights. Facebook said they released an update for this, so like I said, if you use Whatsapp, you should update immediately. Literally what I’m doing right now. That’s all the time we have for today. I’m Alfred Aim. I’m Jody Salter. Thanks for listening.

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