Mueller report finds no collusion, Apple gears up for its big event – Video

This is cnet and hear the stories that matter right now. U.S Attorney general William Bar, has revealed the investigation into foreign interference in the 2016 elections found no evidence in the trump campaign conspired or colluded with Russia. Former F.B.I Director Robert Mueller handed his report to the Attorney General on Friday and on Sunday, Bar sent his summary to congress. Quoting the report, Bar wrote it does not conclude that the president committed a crime, but that it also does not exonerate him. On Sunday afternoon President Donald Trump tweeted, no collusion, no obstruction, complete and total exoneration. [MUSIC] Apple is hosting a launch event at it’s Cupertino headquarters on Monday, where the company is set to unveil details on it’s new subscription TV service. Apple is investing heavily in this service, pouring $1 billion into programming with big names like Oprah Winfrey and J.J Abrams on board. The event kicks off at ten AM Pacific time and you can tune in on And finally, Huawei’s P30 series of phones looks [UNKNOWN] late on the company’s own website. Veteran liker Evan Blass spotted a page on Huawei site last week showing what looks to be the P30 PRO as well as listed features such as the afforded Megapixel camera, 10x hybrid zoom and low light recording. Huawei did not comment on the link but the P30 range will be revealed in Paris on Tuesday morning. [MUSIC] Stay up to date with the latest by visiting

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