Ghost hunt reveals eerie anomalies – Video

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Amanda Kooser, I’m a writer with CNet, and I love a good ghost story. So I invited Ghost Investigations New Mexico over to check my cute little 1942 home for signs of a possible haunting. Investigators came over on a fall night and spent several hours recording audio And video. Now, it’s important to know that Ghost Investigations New Mexico does not charge for their services. They do this on their own time, and on their own dime. We sat right here in this living room, and the investigators asked questions into the quiet. Questions that were designed to evoke a response from any spirits that might be present. But there were no obvious haunting that night, no poltergeists, No dishes flying around in the kitchen. It was several days later that I received the results of the investigation, which consisted of one video and two audio files. The video was taken with a modified GoPro style camera that had the infrared filter removed. The angle you will be seeing is from the living room towards the kitchen door. The first thing you will notice is a smudge of light moving across the painting. [MUSIC] Then look up towards the top of the kitchen doorway and you will see a bright streak of light that momentarily appears. This is what they refer to as a wisp anomaly. [BLANK_AUDIO] The audio files are considered class A EVP, electronic voice phenomena. And in ghost hunting terms, that means you don’t need headphones to make out what’s being said and you can pretty much agree on what you’re hearing. Both of these were recorded right here in this kitchen while we were in the living [UNKNOWN] Now the first file that you’ll hear is Andy, one of the investigators, saying, the words It’s It’s. Now, this is followed by an unidentified male voice seemingly saying He’s dead, take a listen and decide for yourself. It’s, it’s. He’s dead. >Ts. He’s dead. Ts. He’s dead. It’s. It’s. He’s dead. The second audio file is once again Andy, one of the investigators, saying hello to my cat. You’ll hear an echoing hello right after that and the investigators weren’t able to pinpoint where that second hello came from. Hello [NOISE] Hello Hello [NOISE] Hello hello Hello [NOISE] Hello Ghost Investigations New Mexico won’t go so far as to say my house is haunted But they do say the video and audio anomalies captured that night can’t be explained at this point. [MUSIC]

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