Elon Musk’s Boring Company pitches underground tunnel to Dodger Stadium

The Boring Company is proposing an underground transport system linking Dodger Stadium to the rest of Los Angeles.

Rob Leiter

The Boring Company hopes to hit a home run with its proposal for a high-speed underground public transport system connecting Dodger Stadium with the rest of Los Angeles.

Its Dugout Loop would allow people to get from the Red Line of LA’s Metro Rail to the stadium without having to face the city’s dreaded traffic, the Elon Musk-owned company said in a tweet Wednesday.

“Dugout Loop will complement existing public transportation systems and provide an all-electric and affordable option that will transport baseball fans and concertgoers directly to the Dodger Stadium … in less than 4 minutes!” the proposal reads.

The loop would consist of a single 3.6-mile underground tunnel linking the stadium to a western terminus near the Red Line. Passengers would be transported on autonomous electric skates, each of which would carry between 8 and 16 people, traveling at 125-150 mph.

The fares haven’t been finalized, but are expected to be about $1, the proposal notes.

“Always exciting to see innovative ideas like the proposed Dugout Loop to @Dodgers Stadium that could help ease congestion on our roads and make our most iconic destinations more accessible to everyone,” wrote LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in a tweet.

Neither the Boring Company nor the LA Dodgers immediately responded to requests for comment.

We got a hint of this idea in May, when Musk showed off his concept for the Loop, a “personalized mass transit” system designed to alleviate the city’s traffic problem.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who spends most of his time running Tesla and SpaceX, regularly makes it clear that he considers gridlock his nemesis.

“Defeating traffic is the ultimate boss battle,” he tweeted Wednesday.

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